in France

First surf in Lafitenia!There was a lot of swell and power on the ocean today...We looked everywhere and it was huge... so we pulled up to this beautiful bay which my dad had told me about he surfed back in the day, so without even really looking, I got changed like a frothing grommet, waxed my board, and run down... "Sylvi let's get in!" She didn't looked very convinced... when I arrived at the bottom of the hill I understood why, the waves were pretty big and the conditions looked quite tough... ups I got two waves though and heaps of paddling.It's always that way that I only feel like I got to a place after I was in the water for the first time It's so nice to be here!! 

uh oh.... duckdive time! I love it all

Very cool to meet and share a drink last night with this legend Occy at @theperfectwave06 charity party

Picking some cool gear at the Surf Lounge office today! 👌😋thank you Hervé, you are the best!