When I finished School I graduated with honours and was class best. I thought about studying psychology and moving to a city.

When I actually looked into it though, the thought of leaving the sea really scared me, I need to surf like I need air to breathe, and growing up on a tiny island I just felt the urge to see the world, see different waves, cultures & people, so -to the disappointment of my teachers- I grabbed my surfboard and decided to

study life….

I’ve travelled Australia,lived in Indonesia for a while, been to Tahiti, Morocco, France, Madeira, England, Ireland, the Maldives,California, Portugal, Denmark, the other Canary Islands… and many places more.

When I’m not travelling you can find me in the Canary Islands, working in our Family Surfshop North Shore.

I’m into photography and  I love to write about my adventures of the trips I do and report them in Magazines and Television.

I love enjoying the sea everyday, so when the swell goes smaller, I go noseriding on my longboard or I grab a paddle and go Stand Up Paddeling. I do Yoga to stay flexible and I like to go jogging to keep fit.

For me Surfing is more then a sport, it’s all about style and drawing lines in the ocean. A good surfer is an artist. I love being connected to Nature and when you surf you take every wave as it comes, you live in the moment.

 Although I see myself more as a free spirit, I’ve also experienced the competitive side of surfing and I’m currently Germany’s best surfer, check out my results page!

To finance my journeys  I work as a model, which I really enjoy doing and has brought me some interesting jobs in the past, check it out on “media” page.

                                                     Janni Hönscheid

Janni as a mermaid (Chiemsee Lookbook 2015)
Janni as a mermaid (Chiemsee Lookbook 2015)

                      Motivation coach

I did a few jobs as a motivation coach for major companies. If you are interested, please contact me.