Roxy, Karstadt Summer/Winter 2009, Essence Cosmetics, Sportcheck Katalogue, Reno Spot for the Windsurf Worldcup 2011, Zalando 2012 ,Chiemsee.


Interview Amazon 2015 amoung many other interviews, articles like Gala beach edition etc.

Playboy Cover August 2014 and more photos, Bild (germany’s main Newspaper /Online and Print) Bunte, Brigitte Woman, Shape, Fit for Fun , Surfers Mag, Surfer Girl, Golden Ride, Slag, Tide, Blue Yearbook,Hebe, Surflimit, SurfGirl Magazine.


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-"Deutschland tanzt" prosieben tv November 2016

-"taff" probieren tv Nov.2016

- Sat Frühstücksfernsehen October 2016

-"Adam sucht Eva" RTL Beginning of October 2016.


-at "Markus Lanz" talkshow 16.June 2016

-ADR plus LateLine 15.Sept.2015 

-guest in the NDR talkshow 4.Sept. 2015

-Sat1 TV "Frühstücksfernsehen"


-RTL TV "5 gegen Jauch" Prominentenspecial, 24.Oktober 2014

- in.puncto EINS PLUS TV , 6.October 2014

- RTL ,19.August 2014

- TV total with Stefan Raab,October 2013

- NDR Talkshow “Mein Nachmittag” Live, August 2013

- Red Bull TV / Servus TV Guest “Sport & Talk” , October 2013:

-The advertising Spot for the Windsurd Worldcup 2011 by Reno

-NDR Sportclub Reportage, February 2013

- Guest in the ZDF Sonntagsmagazin (2nd main german channel) 2011

-RTL Regional with my sisters, 2011 

-Presentation for a Spanish (Canarian) TV show /sports magazine 2011/2012/2013

-Surfer’s Paradise/ “Woman on the Waves” Main Dutch Channel, 2012:

- Face of “Renewables against Oil in the Canary Islands” , Patagonia Campagne 2013

Promiflash October 2016

at "Markus Lanz" Tv show 15.06.2016

at the NDR talkshow 4.Sept. 2015

                              in the new DJ Tonka video Dez. 2015

                              ZDF TV Doku about me and my family

adventure at the Fulda Challenge, Yukon Canada. By Frank Buschmann

Chiemsee image video 2014