best results of Janni Hönscheid


-1st Place Shortboard & Longboard German Championships 2013


- 3rd. Place British Stand Up Paddle Race Championships 2013


- Canary Islands Vice Stand Up Paddle Champion 2013 (Waves & Race)


-1st place Longboard Woman German Champs 2012


-2nd place Open Woman German Champs 2012


-2nd place Women Volcom VQS Sidfish 2011


(qualification for Volcom European Championships 2012)


-9th place Eurosurf Junior 2007


-1st place Campeonato Circuito Canario sub21 Girls, 2008


-3rd place longboard German Championships 2008


-3rd place Jever Stand Up Paddle Wordlcup 2009 Sprint and Long Distance


-2nd place women short /longboard German Championships 2009


-2nd place QGC2010 women short /longboard


-2nd place QGC2011 women shortboard


-1st place Quiksilver German Championships 2011 / Longboard


-1st place 2004/05/06 Longboard Festival Sylt

Janni Hönscheid wind German Surfing Championships 2013

                            Video Surf DM 2013