trip to Nicaragua, at Mark and Daves Surfcamp

buenos dias paraiso!☺ Mark and Daves

How lucky I am to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to...🔸 Life is a crazy ride and you never know what's gonna happen and who you are going to meet... That's why you need to keep reminding yourself of enjoying every moment and keeping those that matter within... Remind yourself to believe in magic, mermaids, unicorns... In love. Believe that reality isn't just what we see. That beyond every star lays an adventure, a shadow and a secret. That you should be careful what you wish for as dreams do come true. That a good conversation could be the reason, that laughter could be the key. Remind yourself to use the wings you didn't dare to think about and keep life light as thats the only way to fly. Butterflies inside me. Go with the wind, with your instincts... don't be afraid of emotions. Of deep looks and tears. Don't be afraid to love... Yet once you do, the art lays in the skill of letting go.. no materialism, money, no surface. No more phisical beauty, roses, no words. that one last kiss... Then jump. Free falling. No way back. Break down these walls surrounding you, walls of protection, walls of society, of expectations... Walls of lies. Now find the real soul within and take this gift with open arms... And it's the moment of truth: will you be brave enough to know that energy lays in your heart and this is the only place where real love can live forever?