Moorea, Tahiti


I had the nicest day yesterday in Moorea 🌴 my surfergirl friend Kahaia was showing me around her local island. So amazing to see where she grew up and how people live here... it reminds me a lot about me and my family in many ways: her parents own a pearlfarm, her dad is an artist & musician who builds super cool ukuleles in his little workshop right by the sea ( and Kahaia designs jewelry with their pearls and also has her own brand: @pineappleculture 🍍🍍🍍 (make sure to check it out!). She is such a cool and independent girl who knows the ocean, goes fishing, could survive on a deserted island and just takes me around the reefs with her little boat - truly beautiful and very inspiring, thanks for having me @yayamoorea and thanks dear ocean for connecting friends all over the world