more Maldives action

"This wave was originated by a storm somewhere out in the ocean... it travelled for miles and miles to meet the Maldives, to hug the reef & kiss the coastline. Me, I also travelled from very far, to see this beautiful phenomenon happen, to ride these waters for a few short seconds, to give myself to this moment, let my passion drive me on this empty canvas, and steal a little piece of it's energy which I will take with me on my journey... to keep hold of it for when I need it, to let go of it when somebody else needs it, or to simply set it free to express itself through my being... into a piece of art, into a painting, a conversation, into a dance, perhaps into love...or maybe just into a smile. And so, this energy travels on. Once a storm, now peace. What a wonderful renevouz of life" 💫 || pic by @richard_kotch ||